Keeping An Organization Running Smoothly Is No Small Task

Leading a company is a big job; most people can’t do it alone.  But many senior leaders don’t know how to get the right employees on board, motivate, or retain them. Many business executives got to where they are today with an “I vs. you” attitude that emphasizes top-down thinking and individual accomplishment. However, what most companies need today is a culture that emphasizes open communication and teamwork. Most senior leaders were never taught how to promote such a culture.


These leaders must learn to adapt, and do it fast.  Globalization, economic volatility, technical innovation, and global pandemics such as COVID-19 are creating a business climate defined by disruption. Companies that can’t navigate these issues nimbly will lose relevance and financial viability.


Many companies feel they have no choice but to allow high turnover, inconsistent communication, and low morale to bring them down.  But they have more power than they realize. With an organizational health assessment, they can uncover structural and cultural problems that are holding them back and free their businesses to fulfill their potential. An organizational health assessment can also help to identify ways to coach managers to become transformational leaders.

Bring Out The Best In Your Company And Your Team

I have nearly 10 years of experience coaching executives and their employees to increase performance in a wide variety of business settings. If you’re ready to start getting more out of yourself and your team, I can show you how to improve not only productivity but morale, as well.


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Take Your Business’s Pulse With An Organizational Health Assessment

Ideally, organizational health assessments are conducted by an independent consulting firm. It may be hard for you, a senior leader, to assess your business’s health from within, especially if low morale has shut down upward communication.  If any members of your management team are in the habit of shaming employees for revealing problems or actively discouraging feedback, your organization likely has hidden issues. It lacks psychological safety. Your organization lacks trust.


As an independent consultant, I can uncover unseen problems by conducting interviews with employees at multiple levels of your organization.  I’ll ask them what’s working, what’s not, and what changes they’d like to see. Not every reported “problem” or opinion may be worth following up on, so I’ll look for trends. For example, if multiple employees tell me that a team member is dragging down morale, I would note that information.


Because these interviews will be private and confidential, they will provide an unfiltered, bottom-up view of your company.  Once they are complete, I will summarize my findings and present them to you in a report. After giving you some time to reflect, I will reach out to schedule a time to discuss possible solutions.

If your staff is suffering from low morale, we’ll explore whether toxic leadership may be a contributor

Managers are sometimes promoted based on their technical skills rather than their people skills, so some employees may feel like they’re being bullied. If so, we might discuss how to teach your team conflict resolution skills by creating an environment of empathy, openness, and fairness.


There is a quantitative relationship between organizational performance and trust, so a culture assessment is an important part of my work. According to research, “Employees in high-trust organizations are more productive, have more energy at work, collaborate better with their colleagues, and stay with their employers longer than people working at low-trust companies.” This part of the assessment can help you gauge the level of psychological safety your employees feel and identify areas for improvement.

Your assessment will also identify any communication problems that may be suppressing morale

If your team doesn’t understand why leadership is taking certain actions, it will be impossible for them to buy into goals and initiatives. To counter this, we can discuss ways to create a work environment where everyone understands their role, is held accountable, and recognizes their value as part of the team.


Employees who feel valued are less likely to leave. But some members of your team may feel like their skills aren’t being used, let alone appreciated. The assessment interviews will help me identify untapped skills and suggest ways of leveraging them. For example, if you have a quiet, detail-oriented salesperson with a low win rate, they could one day become a valuable business analyst if you invest in them and help them build their skills.

Helping +1M businesses reduce labor lawsuits, improve morale, and adapt to social changes that impact your bottom line

After identifying potential solutions to your most pressing problems, we’ll plan your new approach in detail

We’ll set benchmarks, assign responsibilities, and find ways to hold everyone accountable to ensure your assessment doesn’t just sit on a shelf collecting dust. I’ll also check in with you regularly to keep the senior leadership team engaged and to troubleshoot unexpected hiccups in the plan.


By unearthing the issues causing your biggest organizational challenges, we’ll strengthen your company culture. The foundation of trust, positive morale, and open communication we create will likely spill over into many areas of your business, improving productivity, boosting employee satisfaction, and fostering organizational agility.

As you consider working with an organizational health consultant, you may wonder. . .

  • As a company leader, you want your company to succeed and would probably prefer to think of your team as happy and honest. So you may not know if company morale is slipping or the lines of communication have broken down. Your subordinates have a vested interest in telling you what you want to hear, but I won’t pull any punches. As an experienced organizational health consultant, I can give you an unfiltered view of what’s happening at every level of your company so you can do something about it.
  • Are you reluctant to rock the boat because your company is already struggling or in the midst of rapid change? If so, this may actually be an ideal time to conduct an organizational health assessment. By facing your fears head-on and tackling your most daunting problems, you can put yourself and your company on firmer footing. And by getting help to more skillfully navigate disruption, you can get ahead of change and face the future with confidence.
  • I won’t assume that your company is the same as my past clients’, nor will I base my recommendations on speculation or opinion. My suggestions will be based on the data I collect during my interviews and on the senior leadership team’s feedback. If I think a solution you propose might not be feasible, I’ll explain why I think that. I’ll also challenge you to open your mind and try new things. Ultimately, though, I will rely on the expertise of you and your team to help me create a plan that aligns with your organization’s goals and desired culture.
Bina Patel

Implementation Services

We make sure we implement by doing the following:

  • Customized Organizational Assessment
  • Detailed Analysis, Findings, and Recommendation
  • Customized Solutions with Built-in Feedback Loops
  • Accountability


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  • Military Installations & Command Centers
  • Private Entities
  • Corporations (Over 100 Employees)
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  • $5,000 (includes a 4 hour consulting block)
  • $10,000 if you require me to come to your location