Are You Struggling To Realize Your Potential As A C-Suite Executive Or Other Leader?

Are you overdue for a raise or promotion? Despite your track record, your status as an “outsider” may be limiting your upward mobility. You may also be worried about gaps in your skillset. If you’re not already well-acquainted with the higher-ups in your organization, you may worry that you’ll be passed over for advancement opportunities.


Are you disappointed by the attitudes and actions of your subordinates? If the people working under you approach their jobs with a sense of superiority or entitlement, you may feel frustrated or affronted. Having paid your dues, you may wonder why so few people are willing to work as hard to make a name for themselves as you did.


Do you need help navigating a major career transition? You may be considering a move to a new company or a new career. Or perhaps you’re considering retiring. In either case, you’re probably wondering how your colleagues will get along without your help.


The professional world is notoriously difficult to navigate, but you don’t have to do it alone. An executive career coach can provide support and an unbiased perspective to help you make the most of your current situation while being open to change.

Today’s Business Leaders Face Many Challenges

The business world today is an entirely different environment than it was 30 years ago. It is no longer enough to work hard and persevere. In the Age of Information, organizations must continuously change and innovate to remain relevant.


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Employees have a new set of values and expectations.

Even if they don’t plan to stay with a company for very long, they might nonetheless expect to be emotionally supported and professionally developed. Many also have the disagreeable habit of overlooking the expertise of their superiors, assuming they know best.


The cultural and political pressure on corporations has also increased. It is no longer sufficient simply to be profitable; a company must also be environmentally, racially, and culturally sensitive. A single misstep can result in harsh social media criticism at best, or legal action at worst.


The incredible pressure today’s leaders are under has had a devastating effect. According to a survey of 150 executives, two-thirds say they often feel overworked, over-stressed, or exhausted. They also report commonly feeling frustrated, disappointed, irritated, and overwhelmed.


Despite the intense stress you are under, you might avoid asking for help lest you appear weak or unconfident. If that strategy isn’t working out for you, you should know there’s another option. With my executive coaching services, you can get the support and guidance you need to succeed without compromising your leadership or tarnishing your reputation.

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Executive Coaching Can Provide Clarity, Encouragement, And Support

As an experienced executive life coach, I can help you overcome a wide variety of professional challenges.


If you’re a manager or other professional leader wanting to bring out the best in your team, I can teach you how to empower your subordinates while maintaining your authority. Utilizing the proven psychological techniques and communication strategies I will share with you, you will find ways to leverage your team’s unique abilities in ways that benefit everyone.

Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching

With my help, you’ll create an atmosphere of psychological safety where innovative ideas flow from the bottom up. I can help you create this environment by providing individual attention and welcoming all ideas, even those that seem to be without merit. I will also suggest practical solutions such as a suggestion box, intranet folder, or quarterly call through which employees may share their ideas.


The on-the-ground perspective you’ll gain by opening vertical communication channels will empower you to make decisions that are both client-driven and founded in market realities. Your newly established reputation of openness will also have a positive effect on morale. When employees feel heard, they’ll be more likely to buy into corporate ideas, including those that come from the top down.


Engaged workers are the foundation of a successful business, which means you need to develop more than just your star employees. Regardless of a given employee’s weaknesses, I can help you leverage their unique abilities and make them part of your “A” team. As each employee recognizes the investment you are making in them, they will respond in kind, exhibiting a higher level of performance that reflects positively on you and the company.

If you’re an executive vying for a promotion or raise, I can help you come up with quick wins that showcase your talents.

At the same time, I’ll help you identify skills gaps that may be holding you back. Executive coaching will give you a clearer picture of the steps you’ll need to take to accomplish your long-term goals. For example, our work together might help you discover that you should initially take a position that offers opportunities to build your skills instead of a fat paycheck. On the other hand, if your immediate goal is a higher salary, I can help you get noticed, get an offer, and negotiate for your own benefit.


If you’re considering retirement or another major career move, I can offer a fresh perspective that will streamline the decision-making process. Should you decide to stay put, we can explore ways to make the most of your current situation. If you opt to leave, we can outline steps to ensure a smooth transition. The support and optimism I provide can help you recognize that while change is difficult, it can also be liberating.


The self-awareness and new insights you can get through executive coaching can help you navigate any professional challenge that comes your way with greater confidence and decisiveness. As you gain a clearer picture of your abilities and those of your subordinates, you’ll be in a better position to bridge skill gaps, solve problems, and make difficult decisions.

You may have some hesitations hiring a business management consultant or executive career coach. . .

  • By holding back lower-level employees, you are also holding yourself back. In contrast, by empowering them, you empower yourself, your company, and your customers. I can show you nuanced ways of soliciting input and fostering employee engagement that maintain your position of authority. You will also learn how to consciously insert your ideas into discussions without seeming dictatorial, allowing your team to feel valued regardless of the path ultimately taken.
  • As your coach, I’ll help you bridge experiential and skill gaps between you and your goals. That said, it is unlikely you will be able to “do it all” without eventually burning out. Your employees may be eager to get more involved, so why not accept their help? Even if you feel unable to trust them right away, you can gradually build your confidence in them by giving them opportunities to prove themselves. Your increased freedom from time-consuming tasks and your employees’ satisfaction at making a real difference will almost certainly outweigh any risks.
  • I have worked in a wide variety of corporate positions, each of which posed unique challenges. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and have done everything from negotiating trade agreements and investigating fraud to establishing conflict resolution programs and evaluating soldiers’ psychological fitness.


    I have a master’s in International Business Administration and a doctorate in Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping Analysis, and I never pass up an opportunity to learn something new. I extensively conduct research on science-based models of neuro-cognitive behavior and psychology to create new models, which I use with my clients. My work has been published in several scientific journals.

Bina Patel

Are You Ready To Get Out Of Your Own Way?

By enlisting the help of an experienced executive career coach, you can empower your team, develop new skills, and gain a fresh perspective that your colleagues and competitors lack. If you’re ready to get out of your own way and give yourself a competitive advantage, contact me for a free consultation.