As You Consider Career Options, Are You Unsure Which Path To Take?

Does your professional future seem uncertain?   Maybe you’re wondering what to do now that you’ve finished high school or college. Or perhaps you’re a mid-career professional struggling to climb the corporate ladder or you’re considering a move to a new company or field.

Do you need help leveraging your skills and experience?   Even if you know what position you want, you may be unsure how to pursue it. If you can’t create an effective resume or make a good impression during an interview, you might doubt your ability to obtain your desired role.

Are you stuck in a job or field you don’t love?   You may be getting a decent paycheck without receiving any satisfaction from your work. If things have taken a turn for the worse, or you’ve simply reached your breaking point, you may be wondering whether it would be worth it to go back to school, start a business, or make some other major change.

Do you ever wonder if you were meant for something more?   If you haven’t found a job you love, you probably don’t know what you’re capable of achieving. With the support and guidance of a professional career coach, you can explore the answer to that question. By getting clarity concerning your career path, learning how to leverage your skills, and motivating yourself to grow professionally, you can set yourself up for a career that brings out the best in you.

Young Professionals Face Many Challenges

Most people encounter obstacles at every stage of their professional life. During their search for the right career, young professionals will likely have more questions than answers: “What am I good at? What do I enjoy?” and “Which career path will allow me to achieve my financial goals?”


Friends and family may be eager to offer their opinions. Unfortunately, they may fail to consider their loved one’s aptitudes and goals. For example, some parents might expect their children to follow in their footsteps by following a certain profession or taking over the family business. External pressures like these can prevent young professionals from pursuing their own interests.

Even if a young professional is already pursuing a sensible goal based on their aptitudes, they will likely encounter another set of challenges. To stand out in their field, they will have to do more than just be good at their chosen profession. They will also need to effectively communicate their skills, expertise, and enthusiasm to the people in their field who can help them grow and advance.


Considering the many challenges you may encounter, you may not be very confident in your professional abilities. So getting other people to believe in you may be an uphill battle. It will be even more difficult if you go it alone. By enlisting the help of an experienced career coach, you can more easily recognize your strengths, find better opportunities to grow, and more confidently pursue your dreams.

Career Coaching Can Put You On The Path To Success

The career coaching services I offer will depend entirely on your needs and situation. If you’re uncertain which direction to take your career, we’ll start there. Of course, everyone has good days and bad days at their jobs, but our goal will be to find a position for you that will support your lifestyle and overall happiness.


We’ll start with a comprehensive list of potential careers/positions. If you’ve already determined that certain desirable career paths are unavailable to you, we’ll challenge those assumptions to ensure you’re not eliminating any viable possibilities. For example, if you’d like to earn a postgraduate degree but don’t have time to attend full-time classes on campus, I might suggest the possibility of attending school part-time via an online university.

We’ll winnow down our list by removing positions that would be a bad fit for your personality or working style.   To help you get in touch with your own interests, we’ll discuss your hobbies and other activities you enjoy. I might also ask you to consider what you would pursue if you had unlimited time and resources, to help you keep an open mind.


Ultimately, your chosen role will need to be financially viable, so I’ll provide a market analysis to help you gauge its potential return on your investment.   It will also need to fit your lifestyle. Certain career paths may be temporarily closed to you due to practical constraints like needing to care for a dependent. We’ll measure the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be, giving us a clearer picture of which options would make sense given your current resources and motivation level.

If you have already established career goals for yourself, I can serve as your job search coach. You’ll need a strong resume, so I will offer you advice regarding which information to include and how to minimize shortcomings. If needed, I can create an entirely new resume for you from scratch to ensure it effectively demonstrates how you can benefit your future employer.


If you need an interview coach to help you prepare for a job search or performance review, I can tell you what kinds of questions you can expect potential employers to ask. Pre-interview nervousness is a significant obstacle for most people, but we can minimize that with the right preparation. For example, I might recommend you practice responses to common questions while doing laundry or making your daily commute. This will allow you to think on your feet and respond confidently. I also offer mock interviews, giving you access to customized feedback on your responses and body language.


For clients vying for a promotion or trying to make the jump to C-suite, I offer transformational leadership coaching. If you’re hoping to impress your boss or another company leader, I can teach you how to “manage up” through proactive communication tailored to their desired method and style. And if improving your own management skills is your goal, I can teach you how to create an atmosphere where your team is empowered to do their best and feels safe to communicate helpful ideas.


Throughout our work together, I’ll be transparent with you about possible skill gaps or other challenges you are likely to encounter. This will give you an opportunity to improve, increasing your chances of success. At the same time, I’ll approach our work with compassion and optimism to empower and encourage you. I welcome feedback throughout the process and tailor everything to your needs, so you will feel confident that you’re headed in the right direction.

The clarity and confidence you gain from our work will ensure you get the most out of your professional investments and continually progress toward your goals.

As you consider working with a career coach, you may wonder …

  • I have a very successful track record. Many of my clients have undergone significant transformations. Some were able to make previously unconscious limitations conscious and, with my support and guidance, overcome them. Many others have been empowered to leave unfulfilling careers and take a leap of faith into more rewarding work. One client told me that they were so unhappy in their original role and so relieved to move into something new that our work together saved their life.
  • Fulfilling careers aren’t built overnight. The sooner you start improving your skills and working toward your goals, the sooner you can achieve them. We spend a huge portion of our waking hours at work. By investing time now to get your career on track, you set yourself up for many hours of contentment down the road. You can also set the groundwork for a better future for yourself and your family.
  • By going it alone, you limit yourself to your own knowledge and understanding. By working with an experienced career consultant, you give yourself access to their extensive business experience as well as the collective experience of all of their past clients. Working with an unbiased and honest career coach can also give you new insights into your strengths, weaknesses, and interests. You might struggle to identify them on your own, but the bird’s eye view a coach like myself can provide can help you cultivate the self-awareness you need to make confident, informed decisions.

As you consider working with a career coach, you may wonder …

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