About Bina Patel

Bina Patel, Ph.D. is a conflict resolution and organizational health specialist. She provides conflict management services to reduce workforce turnover, increase morale, and decrease costs in organizational systems. Dr. Patel works in emergency management. She has a consulting practice, Transformational Paradigms, providing leadership executive consulting to C-Suite teams on establishing healthy workplace cultures. She also provides leadership and career coaching to upcoming leaders in an organization and millennials entering the workplace. Dr. Patel is an author, public speaker, and consultant. She has published several case studies related to workplace diversity, multiculturalism, and racism in the workplace, as well as female suicide terrorism. Dr. Patel’s book on Female Suicide Terrorism: Understanding the Radicalization Process focuses on human behavior. She is due to publish her next book very soon.

NSU Florida Alumni Spotlight Bina Patel

NSU Florida Alumni Spotlight Bina Patel


“Your training on multiculturalism provided me insight on how to work with the local communities that we serve. In every disaster, I find myself learning more about the local culture. I appreciate how well you applied the techniques to the local culture here in BR.”

- Paola R., Chief of Operations IMAT, FEMA

I strongly endorse Dr. Bina Patel as an expert in conflict resolution and organizational conflict management. I met Dr. Patel in 20146 when she was hired by the U.S. Army and Department of Defense to build an Organizational Ombudsman program. Dr. Patel had a tough task on her hands, to rebuild trust in a workplace that had experienced constant change and reorgs. She tackled it within the first six months. She built trust with the workforce by leading with her values and integrity. Dr. Patel’s hard work resulted in major changes including, a major reduction in turnover, zero formal complaints, and restoring morale and trust within the first year and carried forward to years thereafter.

As the Ombuds, I know she is passionate about helping others, and making every workplace, the best place to work. My personal observation places her among the top 1% in intellect, ability to communicate, self-reliance, independence of thought, motivation, dedication, and professionalism for all those who she has served.

Dr. Patel has a special knack for engaging and assisting establishing trust and drawing out those with whom she interacts and is learning partners are sure to find new personal insights. She is equally skilled at introspective examination seeking self-improvement. With so much conflict resolution experience under her belt already, Dr. Patel will bring a unique perspective that will no doubt add to the overall efforts for her clients.

- Mr. Dale Vergott, Deputy Ombudsman, Defense Intelligence Agency

Dr. Patel, the thought of saying something that could be potentially offensive without ever knowing what is offensive in the local community we serve is insightful. Your session on Linguistic Diversity taught me to think re-think what I have been taught as a cultural norm within my community and question if I am offending someone by going along with the norm.

- Bill T., IT Manager, FEMA

“I had the opportunity to take a seminar from Bina through a leadership conference with Southern New Hampshire University and thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned so much and felt that the information given could be applied to what I do. Bina is fun to learn from and I truly enjoyed hearing of her experiences. After connecting, Bina was kind enough to come to my company and present the seminar to our leadership team. It was wonderful! Our leadership team was engaged, participated, and took away new knowledge to enhance their own leadership styles. I highly recommend Bina and look forward to working with her again.”

- Ms. Grace McKay, Talent Acquisition Manager, Earthbound Co.

“I learned how we need to adjust and flex ourselves to the local communities within the division, branches, and culture at FEMA. It is incredible to see how the cultures vary as per the branches and disasters.”

- R.B. Deputy FCO, FEMA

“When I hear the name Dr. Bina Patel, the first words that cross my mind are genuine, humble and determined. I had the pleasure of connecting with Dr. Patel on LinkedIn, and after following her insightful content on improving workplace cultures and addressing female aggressiveness and bullying in the workplace, I invited her on my podcast, The Gentlewoman Boss. Dr. Patel brings a thoughtful yet powerful approach to conflict management and addressing toxicity in the workplace.  Dr. Patel manages to navigate complex issues that often plague organizations, from detached senior leadership, to the lack of understanding different cultures and how their societal norms need to be respected and valued in the workplace. She truly has the interests of everyone in the organization in her wide and encompassing range of vision and works hard to effect positive change. Dr. Patel approaches her work from a place of empathy and understanding combined with a strong work ethic, excellent communication skills and a passion for creating a healthier and safer workplace for all. It was an honor to have her as my guest and any organization would be fortunate to work with her.”

- Michelle Horlbogen, CEO, The Gentlewoman Boss